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Where can you find more info and free resources for your youth group, confirmation class and/or Sunday School classes?

The Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology’s resources page may be a good start, but here we have compiled a brief list of some things created by our own steering committee.

Preaching on science and faith

“I’m not qualified to preach on science and faith.”

This statement is more common than I would like to admit. I have even — true confessions — avoided the challenge by saying it myself. But we can bring science in and steering committee member Dana Hendershot offers two preaching tools to tuck into your belt: First, a few concrete tips on easy ways to gain reliable knowledge, and therefore confidence, on scientific advancements. Then she follows that with examples from her own preaching on how to theologically integrate science and faith.

Take our Mythbusting quiz!

Our exclusive Mythbusting quiz was designed to be taken by youth at this summer’s ELCA National Youth Gathering in Detroit in 2015, but you too might want to take it and see if you too can get a higher score than the teens in your life. What do you know about the Big Bang, Dinosaurs and ELCA statements related to religion and science? Take the quiz and then pass it on!

Faith and Science Curriculum for Senior High Youth

This curriculum, titled “Faith and Science,” is designed to help high school students think about the relationship between their faith and the science that so deeply impacts daily life today. Each of the three sessions present students with relevant, sometimes challenging scientific research and encourages lively activities and conversation about how their faith intersects with that information.

Youth Catechism Supplement

“Talking about Science and God, Creator of Heaven and Earth” is a three-session confirmation module designed as a supplement to catechism teachings. The module comes from the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology and was written by Pastor George Murphy with Mr. Jeff Fitzkappes. The sessions introduce students to the human brain, human origins, and the concepts of evolution and creation.

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