Parliament of the World’s Religions launching climate action web project

Credit: The Climate Reality Project/Public domain via Unsplash

A new effort is underway at the Parliament of World’s Religions to coordinate interfaith faith-based climate commitment campaigns. Officials at the Parliament point out that leaders of nearly every religion have pointed out that individuals need to recognize the science of climate change. Led by Climate Action Task Force leader, Joshua Basofin, the group has been working on developing the Climate Commitments Project, which sprung out of the Parliament’s gathering in Toronto last November. The web-hub is being made possible via a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation and private donors. The site will be launched this spring with the aim of uniting the interfaith community in the fight against climate change. There are four key areas of the effort:
  • Explore A system map illustrating the universe of faith-based climate commitments around the world.
  • Collaborate – A forum for connecting and sharing with other like-minded organizations.
  • Assess – Metrics and guideposts of success shared by climate commitment practitioners for the community.
  • Celebrate – The joy of service to the environment, inspired by our faith traditions and festivals.
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