The Gifford Lectures legacy

Playfair Library, site of the Gifford Lectures

Adam Lord Gifford. Not exactly an everyday name, but still an important one. Lord Gifford (1820-1887) endowed one of the most prestigious lecture series in Europe, which since the late 1880’s has featured some of the best-known scholars of the day. Often the topics relate to issues of faith and science. Video streaming technology has now made it possible to view the actual presentations themselves; here are links to several recent lectures of particular interest:

David N. Livingstone (Queen’s University, Belfast) spoke in 2014 on Dealing With Darwin. The lecture series is at and is expanded in his book “Dealing With Darwin: Place, Politics, and Rhetoric in Religious Engagements With Evolution” by Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014.

Sarah Coakley (Cambridge University) delivered the 2012 lectures on “Sacrifice Regained: Evolution, Cooperation and God”. Access is at

Peter Harrison (University of Queensland) presented the 2010-2011 lectures on “Science, Religion, and Modernity”. The series is available on YouTube, beginning with:

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