ELCA 2018 Youth Gathering: ‘Exploring God’s Worlds’ prepared to draw a crowd
Young people and adults who stop by the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology (LAFST) booth at the ELCA 2018 Youth Gathering in Houston (June 27-July 1) will have a variety of interactive activities available for engagement with science and conversations about faith and science.

The theme is Exploring God’s Worlds: Seeing the world through the lenses of both faith and science opens up a new dimension.

Four members of the LAFST Steering Committee will staff the booth. They are: Bruce Booher, astronomer/retired ELCA pastor; Dana Hendershot, pastor; Ida Hakkarinen, NOAA meteorologist and physicist Kristi Keller.

Participants will be able to take “selfies” with the Mars Exploration Rover “Spirit” and pose as an astronaut on the moon. They’ll be able to hold pieces of another world (meteorites) in their hands, control interactive computer simulations of rocket modeling, play with science toys, and view videos of nature and space (including some in 3-D).

Take-home items include a 3-D postcard of the Mars landscape from a NASA rover with anaglyph (red/green) glasses for viewing, and the ever-popular button with the LAFST logo.

A special exhibit that’s part of the entire Interactive Learning Center will be a scale model of the Solar System. (Those who visit all the Sun and all the planets will receive a special prize when they return to the Alliance booth.)

Finally, a daily drawing will be held for adult leaders of youth ministry to win a copy of Andrew Root’s book, Exploding Stars, Dead Dinosaurs, and Zombies: Youth Ministry in the Age of Science (Science for Youth Ministry), courtesy of Holy Trinity Lutheran and Lutheran Campus Ministry in Chapel Hill, and their STEAM (Science and Theology for Emerging Adult Ministries) grant.

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