Covalence for November -The Faith and Science Sunday Challenge

By Greg Razoky/Public domain via Unsplash

The November 2018 issue is now online!

This month we cover the new documentary series on climate change that incorporates faith and upcoming conferences and events focused on theology and science.

It is interesting to look more closely of how science can play a role at the congregational level. Has your church incorporated science into the liturgy? Have you explored science via Sunday morning sermons? Then you have already embraced the Faith and Science Sunday Challenge!

In this issue, we look at one congregation’s approach to faith and science by sharing the hymns, scripture readings and meditations that were featured one September Sunday at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Champaign, Illinois.

We hope you find it helpful as one example of how to get a little bit of science into the pews.

Has your congregation held a Faith and Science Sunday? If so let us know and we can share your experience with others!

Susan Barreto
Editor, Covalence


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