Covalence for November: Answering the why and the how

The questions of why the universe exists and how it came to exist are two queries that we all ask and of course physicists have long sought to answer the latter, leaving the former to philosophers and pastors.

This month, though, we see the power that a dose of theology alongside the work of physicists can have into the world around us. Our theological editor and resident physicist, George Murphy, ably sheds light on both the faith concepts and the most recent scientific theories in his essay “Fumbling after the mind of God: Scientific quests for the divine mind.”

As it turns out all of us can explore the universe and contribute to the research into various theories by becoming ‘citizen scientists’. No special training is required and the only tool you need is your computer thanks to an Adler Planetarium initiative called Zooniverse. Thanks to a new grant from the Sloan Foundation, the Chicago-based planetarium is seeking new ways to engage with communities of faith by encouraging them to use the award-winning platform.

Last, but not least, globally, church leaders are asking how they can work together and promote ways to address the affects of climate change across various communities. Bishops across three protestant denominations, including the ELCA’s Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, have written: “We acknowledge that these central affirmations of our faith have not guided our churches as they should. We have been slow to recognize the urgency of this crisis, lulled by traditions of honoring human life at the expense of other life and slow fully to integrate creation care into the way of love for God and neighbor.”

And to that we can only add a prayer that we may all come together to create the change we wish to see within the world.

Susan Barreto, Editor

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