Covalence for March 2019: The coming age of Astroethics

Credit: NASA/Public domain via Unsplash

The theme of this issue, Astroethics, is as much about appreciating the neighbor we have yet to meet as it is about appreciating the majesty of the cosmos.

Retired pastor and astronomer Bruce Booher offers up a unique prayer for the cosmos and ponders in this issue what liturgical resources may already be in use that help to shed light on astrotheology. He is responding to the recent work of Theologian Ted Peters, who writes, “The day of extraterrestrial ethical deliberation is just about to dawn.”

With the cosmos in mind, the ongoing Zygon Center’s Epic of Creation series in Chicago is hosting a number of lectures over the course of the next month. Notably, Dr. Anna Case-Winters will be speaking on the topic of “Human Beings as Created Co-Creators: In the Image of God, at Home in the Cosmos” on April 8.

Also worth noting this month is that the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology has added two new steering committee members as the work of this independent Lutheran organization continues to evolve and keep pace with the ongoing faith and science dialogue.

Susan Barreto
Editor, Covalence

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