Houston was a transformative experience for so many young people and their leaders, especially those who found themselves asking the really tough questions related to faith and science.

They were greeted by four steering committee members of the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology, who brought science toys, puzzles and an eagerness to help youth understand that faith and science are not two different realms with limited interaction with one another. They met scientists who are also people of faith and pastors who also include science in their preaching.

And okay, they learned a little about science too.

This month we offer up some photos from our booth at the Interactive Learning Center at the NRG Center in Houston, which is also home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center that some groups visited while in town for the Youth Gathering.

Whether you followed the Gathering online via Facebook or Twitter, take a few minutes to see how a “new dimension” was explored by ELCA youth this summer.

Susan Barreto
Editor, Covalence

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