Next year the results of the largest international study of scientists will be released in a book co-authored by Elaine Howard Ecklund titled, Secularity and Science: What Scientists Around the World Really Think About Religion.

Astrotheology: Life at both ends of the telescope

Published by Oxford University Press, the book considers the views of scientists toward religion and what ways a collaboration can be created between scientific and religious communities.

Ecklund and her co-authors, non-resident research fellows at Religion and Public Life Program at Rice University David R. Johnson, Brandon Vaidyanathan, Kirstin Matthews and postdoctoral fellow Bob Thomson and graduate student fellow Di Di.

The team surveyed more than 20,000 scientists with in-depth interviews being done with more than 600 of them.

According to publishers, the book makes four key claims: there are more religious scientists then we might think; religion and science overlap in scientific work; scientists – even atheist scientists – see spirituality in science; and finally, the idea that religion and science must be in conflict is primary an invention of the Western culture.

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