Greg Cootsona’s latest book, Mere Science and Christian Faith: Bridging the Divide with Emerging Adults, provides a comprehensive look at the issues related to science and young adults in the pews.

Released by InterVarsity Press in March, the book problematizes science and faith being viewed in conflict as emerging adults either leave the Christian faith or conversely shut themselves off from scientific findings.

Publishers wrote, “Mere Science and Christian Faith holds out a vision for how that integration is possible and how it can lead us more deeply into the conversations around science and faith that confront the church today.”

Cootsona integrates faith and science via a number of current topics such as hermeneutics, the historical Adam and Eve, cognitive science and the future of technology.

Cootsona directs the Science and Theology for Emerging Adult Ministries (or STEAM) at Fuller Theological Seminary in California. He teaches religious studies and humanities at California State University at Chico.

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