The Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology (LAFST) has introduced a new resources section on its website.

These resources may prove useful in organizing or facilitating discussions regarding Christian faith and science.  Most of the web links connect to other sites. Included in the grouping are curricula, information on religion and science organizations, science videos, and essays produced by the ELCA. Another distinct grouping is in the area of religion and science books, which represent a good overview of some of the more popular titles geared toward those just learning about some of the key topics related to faith and science.

Inclusion of any items in this resource list does not constitute endorsement by either the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science, and Technology, or the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), but the steering committee of the LAFST produced the list in the hopes that the material will find its way into church congregations, Sunday Schools and discussion groups. The new section contains nearly 60 links to various websites.

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