A recently released film by National Press Club members and father/son team Gerald and Adam Krell was screened at a National Press Club event with the aim of showing the positive relationship between religion and well-being.

Dr. Harold Koenig, director of the Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health at Duke University, asserts at the beginning of the film that religious beliefs and practices are good for one’s health. Koenig is well known for his research into the impact of incorporating a patient’s religious beliefs with cognitive-behavioral therapy for chronically-ill patients with major depression. He published a study on the topic in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease in 2015.

The film, “Your Health: A Sacred Matter,” cites studies showing the positive relationship between religion and well-being. Specifically, it examines the controversy over whether the appropriate place for religion and spirituality belongs with the clergy and not in the doctor’s office. The film explores the experiences of patients, family members, doctors and chaplains from a wide variety of backgrounds.

“We had to represent a lot of faith communities,” said Adam Krell, producer and director of photography in a press release. “We tried to do justice to people’s stories.”

The film won the International Award of Excellence in the documentary category at the International Film Festival for Spirituality – Religion – Visionary in Jakarta, Indonesia. The film examines how the medical profession is looking to reintegrate religion into the healing process and includes interviews with chaplains as well as researchers and doctors.

Here’s the trailer:

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