Covalence for July/August 2017

Covalence for July - August 2017

Credit: Professor Bop, cc via Flickr)

This month features an interesting article from our theological editor George Murphy, “God is not a pinhead,” where he writes of physics and mathematics in relation to God in this insightful two-part series.

There are also a number of interesting classes for seminarians being offered in the fall semester as well as new events on topics such as artificial intelligence and apocalypse are also covered in our news section.

Also the Rocky Mountain Synod and its Utah Conference of the ELCA and Mount Tabor Lutheran Church of Salt Lake are among the sponsors of a unique workshop on germ-line editing called “God and Human Suffering: Conversations on 21st Century Genetics and Our Shared Future.” More information on that October conference can be found in our calendar section.

Last, but not least, this brings us to our summer break. We will publish again in September, but if you are looking for some great summer reads there are a number of ELCA publications related to faith and science topics posted in the resources section of our website.

Happy summer!

Susan Barreto, Editor