Covalence for March 2017

Covalence for March 2017

An image used to accompany the free public lecture series “Religion, Science and Culture: Six Big Questions,” delivered by Alister McGrath, Professor of Divinity at the UK’s Gresham College. By Gresham College, cc via Flickr

We have written extensively about efforts to promote scientific study among students in congregations, Christian schools and in confirmation classes, but in this issue of Covalence we look at the support network from the vantage point of a science teacher who is also a person of faith as well as that of seminary professors getting a series of potential new ministries off the ground.

Wesley McCoy writes of his first-person experience in the classroom during a time when the teaching of evolution in public schools was becoming controversial. McCoy writes of his hope that students felt safe to ask questions about one’s faith as well as to learn about science.

This edition also highlights the work in creating new emerging adult ministries at Fuller Seminary. These ministries are geared toward young adults (ages 18-30) who can participate in faith and science dialogue in a broad number of university, church and school programs across the United States through this new STEAM initiative.

Also worth noting are two upcoming conferences — The Goshen College Conference on Religion and Science and the Cosmos & Creation Conference at Loyola University Maryland. More information can be found in this month’s calendar section.

As for us, we will still be tracking faith and science news and activities. If you are interested in staying up-to-date follow us on Twitter! @LuthCovalence

Susan Barreto, Editor