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Artificial Insemination (1986)
by Edward D. Schneider

Genetic Manipulation (1986)
by James H. Burtness

Genetic Screening and Counseling (1986)
by James M. Childs, Jr.

Genetic Testing & Screening
(ELCA, 2011)

Genetics! Where Do We Stand as Christians?
Available for order
(ELCA, 2001)

Human Cloning: Papers from a Church Consultation
Available for order
(ELCA, 2001)

In Vitro Fertilization (1986)
by Paul T. Jersild

In-Vitro Fertilization: Study Material and Guidelines
(LCUSA, no date)

The Nontreatment of Seriously Handicapped Newborns (1986)
by Hans Tiefel

Organ Donation
(LCA, 1984)

The Ethics of Prenatal Diagnosis (1986)
by Edmund N. Santurri

Surrogate Motherhood (1986)
by Janet Dickey McDowell