When the answers do not come easy

When the answers do not come easy

Looking for evidence-supported answers only to find more questions may be frustrating, but this search is by no means a useless endeavor when it comes to faith and science. Many beginning the religion-and-science journey start out with something to prove. Sometimes it is for validation of the faith they grew up with, and other times read on
God is not a pinhead

God is not a pinhead

Scientific American in May 1963 published theoretical physicist Paul Dirac’s article “The Evolution of the Physicist’s Picture of Nature.” It was my last year as a physics undergraduate and the article described important steps in development of relativity and quantum theory and also suggested future developments. Dirac emphasized the importance of “beautiful mathematics” in describing read on

Researchers pinpoint a connection between religion and health

A Vanderbilt University study found that people who attend services at a church, synagogue or mosque are less stressed and live longer. The research included adult men and women ages 40-65 in examining the relationship between religiosity (i.e. church attendance) and the cause of mortality in middle-aged adults. Those who attended church or other houses read on

Yale Divinity School unveils new ecology degree program for religion students

Yale Divinity School (YDS) will be accepting students this fall for a new concentrated ecology program of study in the Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) degree path. The Religion and Ecology concentration draws on faculty resources across the theological disciplines, including biblical studies, ethics, liturgical studies, pastoral care, spirituality, theology and world religions and read on

‘Artificial Intelligence and Apocalypse’ topic of two-day symposium in the UK

The Centre for the Critical Study of Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements (CenSAMM) will hold a two-day symposium (April 6 and 7, 2018) on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and apocalypse and a call for academic papers is now underway. Organizers point to the stunning defeat of elite players of the Chinese game ‘Go’ by read on

Gallup poll finds percentage of Americans with creationist views is declining

The percentage of U.S. adults who believe that God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years has hit a new low: 38%. This is the lowest percentage in 35 years, but interestingly, roughly the same percentage say humans evolved, but that God guided the process. Pollsters also said that less-educated Americans read on

Faith and science workshop on human germ-line editing coming up in October

Scientists, theologians and ethicists plan to host a unique workshop on human germ-line editing on October 6 and 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event, “God and Human Suffering: Conversations on 21st Century Genetics and Our Shared Future”, is sponsored by the University of Utah: Department of Pediatrics, Division of Medical Genetics and UCEER read on

Chicago area seminary students to discuss ‘an evolutionary theology of cancer’

The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago will be offering a new course this fall for Chicago area theological students called “Chance, Necessity, Love: An Evolutionary Theology of Cancer” that will be chaired by Dr. Lea Schweitz and Dr. Leonard Hummel. The course offering is open to 12 area theological schools and the University of read on