A Chandra X-ray Observatory image of Messier 82, or M82, shows the result of star formation on overdrive. Credit: cc by 
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center  via Flickr

The Presbyterian Church (USA) supports the role of science in approving ‘Affirmation of Creation’ at its General Assembly

Editor’s note: What follows is the text from the Affirmation of Creation that was read and approved at the 222nd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) earlier this year (June 22) with a vote of 305 to 264. Following the Affirmation is a rationale for its approval as drafted by the Presbyterian Association on read on
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VanessaC (EY) via Flickr

Scientific spirituality should be contagious

While there are many memories I could share about growing up on a farm and in a rural area, there are a few that I think shaped me, perhaps, more than I realized. As many of you may know from your own experiences growing up in a small community, more often than not the person read on

Butler University professor pinpoints the intersection of theology and science fiction in new book

James McGrath, professor of religion at Butler University and New Testament scholar, is sharing his love of science fiction and what he finds theology has in common with the literary genre. His new book, Theology and Science Fiction, documents the parallels in the big questions they both ask, such as: What makes us human? Where read on

Yale University to offer Cosmology and Ecology MOOC

The popular PBS documentary, “Journey of the Universe,” is being offered in a new form: as four six-week courses by Coursera as an open online course or MOOC. It is the first specialized MOOC offering at Yale, according to the university. Offered under the theme, “Journey of the Universe: A Story for our Times,” the read on