This month Margaret Schott writes about a conference she attended in Manchester, UK, which brought together sociologists to discuss research regarding beliefs held about religion and science. Next month, Schott will provide us with more details of the researchers’ presentations, but at first glance their work seems to provide fertile ground for bolstering communication between rostered church leaders, scientists and people in the pews.

Also highlighted in this month’s issue is the engagement with youth on the part of ELCA-affiliated organizations that is coming up this summer. The Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology is putting the finishing touches on its booth design for the National Youth Gathering that will 30,000 high school youth and youth leaders in Houston on June 27 through July 1.

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Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, is currently accepting applications from high school students interested in attending the Gustavus Academy for Faith, Science and Ethics that this year will focus on “Land and Identity: How our Food and Microbiomes Change Who We Are.” Slated for July 14 through July 20, the program will look at global challenges such as soil depletion and food justice, as well as ways students can use gifts and talents to make a positive difference in the world.

Visit our calendar for more upcoming events between now and July. Are there any faith and science related events in your area or within your congregation? Let us know!

Susan Barreto
Editor, Covalence

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