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The Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science, and Technology is dedicated to expanding awareness and promoting conversation about the implications of science and technology for Christian faith and life.

Since 1991, the Alliance has been an independent Lutheran organization recognized by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The membership includes scientists, science teachers, rostered leaders (clergy and lay), and other interested lay people.

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Latest Articles from Covalence, the Online Magazine of the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology

How to deal with extraterrestrials

All of us have seen extraterrestrials — on TV, in the movie theater, or in computer games. Real ones still elude us. But from October 16 through 18 last year scientists sent a brief message, repeated nine times, to a nearby red dwarf star that is surrounded by a...

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ELCA celebrates Earth Day

On Earth Day, April 22, Lutherans spoke out about climate change and remain engaged about highlighting the negative impact humanity has had on the planet. In a recent Living Lutheran series, the experience of ELCA missionaries seeing climate change in their daily...

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A new perspective – Deep time

Let’s take a wide view.  A really wide view. And put all our stories in perspective – a cosmic perspective. At some time or another you’ve probably heard me say that we are stardust.  Our bodies are made of elements which formed in exploding stars. That’s the positive...

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What did Hawking believe?

Stephen Hawking’s death last month rekindled an intriguing set of questions about whether scientists need to clarify their belief in God and whether it matters in the public square. A number of online rumors that have surfaced and have since been addressed by the...

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