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Pentecostal Christianity and science: Whence and whither?

Pentecostal Christianity and science: Whence and whither?

When people who are interested in or somewhat knowledgeable about the theology or religion and science dialogue think about from whence the conversation has come from and where it might be going, most do not usually connect to the modern pentecostal movement. Pentecostal Christians — understood here as those who come from churches established out read on


Theological differences hint at new ways of doing faith and science

Theological differences hint at new ways of doing faith and science

Over the course more than 2,000 years, there have been numerous splits in the church over a number of issues that were viewed by some as points of no return. These divisions in fact may have fostered a rich variety of scholarly work that may foster future faith and science discussions. There seems to be read on


Cross-disciplinary engagement the goal for new institute at Dartmouth College

The Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement (ICE) at Dartmouth University was recently created to explore the big questions posed by the humanities, the sciences and religion. Scholars at the college plan to build bridges between the sciences and the humanities with a $3.5 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation. Topics ranging from the limits of read on

New book to honor Church of Sweden Archbishop’s religion and science contributions

A festschrift in honor of Antje Jackelén, the first female Archbishop of the Church of Sweden, is expected to be widely available by mid-December. The book has unique emphasis on issues in science and religion. Prior to her tenure in the Church of Sweden as Bishop of the Diocese of Lund and now the Archbishop read on

Pew Research: “Highly” religious adults are less likely to see conflict between religion and science

Nearly six in ten adults (59%) say that science and religion are often in conflict, according to newly released findings from a Pew Research Center survey.  But of those who attend religious services on a weekly basis, only half share the view that science and religion are frequently in conflict. Of the country’s major religious read on
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