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The Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science, and Technology is dedicated to expanding awareness and promoting conversation about the implications of science and technology for Christian faith and life.

Since 1991, the Alliance has been an independent Lutheran organization recognized by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The membership includes scientists, science teachers, rostered leaders (clergy and lay), and other interested lay people.

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Latest Articles from Covalence, the Online Magazine of the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology

It’s not easy being green in the church

Photo by N. Manginas via The Echumenical Patriarchate As the song goes, so it is in today’s world. But that doesn’t mean theologians, seminarians and churchwide organizations are not up to the task of "greening" how they do what they do in the faith community. In...

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Saintly scientists

Monument to Nicolaus Copernicus in Turun, Poland. Photo by Jason Riedy, [CC BY-NC 2.0] via Flickr This spring (May 24) the church once again honored the memories of Nicolaus Copernicus and Leonhard Euler.  That may provoke readers to wonder several things, such...

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New congregational tools promote clean energy

The ELCA is one of many denominations that has partnered with a group called Blessed Tomorrow in issuing a definitive guide for action on climate change. A new guidebook called "Moving Forward" provides information and resources to reduce energy use, to build...

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25octallday26alldayConference on Science and Faith at Northeastern Seminary

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