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My nominee for patron saint is …

People sometimes feel the need to have a “patron saint” of some cause or movement, especially if it has any connection with the church. As far as I know, however, there is no generally recognized patron saint of science-theology dialogue. Francis of Assisi has been seen by some as the patron saint of the environmental read on


One-sided views present challenges to scholars and society

One-sided views present challenges to scholars and society

The question of creation and God’s role in it is something that still sparks lively discussion in theological circles and in public debates. It also seems to be a polarizing factor that often believes those who take the side of religion do so at the expense of science and vice-versa. Indeed that is what some read on


Social scientists find little unity on religion and science perspectives in the US

A new study looking at General Social Survey data reveals that there are three main groups in the US population that hold differing views on the relationship between religion and science based on knowledge and attitudes about science, religiosity and preferences for certain religious interpretations. Data was gathered from the General Social Survey which is read on

Psychologists consider whether faith encourages greater risk-taking

A new study published in Psychological Science, the journal of the Association of Psychological Science, suggests that reminders of God can make people more likely to seek out and take risks. God is one of the most common nouns in the English language and references to God pervade daily life, according to Daniella Kupor, the read on

Muslim scholars navigate the religious and ethical questions posed by science

A new effort sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation is set to bring together scholars in the Muslim community to discuss the “Big Questions” at the intersection of science, faith and modernity. The Muslim-Science Task Force brings together scientists, historians and theologians to look at issues such as, how Muslim scientists can produce scientific research read on
The Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology


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